Save the Date

A Comprehensive Guide to wedding Save the Date cards

Congratulations are in order, and it’s a beautiful thing to get engaged and plan towards the big day. Now it’s time to get all intricate details about the wedding sorted out. It often starts with looping out a prior reminder to your intended guests, making a mental note of where the venue would be - relax, don’t freak out it an amazing journey and you won’t be stressed out if you do the right things at the right time. Of all the prior things to tick off your checklist, a Save the Date card is one of the most important, and here’s all you need to know about them. Here are some common Save the Date etiquette facts and questions to help guide your steps to creating and sending yours.

What are Save the Dates?

A Save the Date card is a pre-invitation card that officially announces your engagement and probable date of wedding to your guests. This pre-invitation is a subtle way to share the good news to friend/family and let them know that they will be invited guests to your wedding, giving them a heads up with respect to travel plans and other details. Many a time, wedding guests are uncertain of when and what you’ve got planned for your big day, a Save the Date card is a good way to bring things to light.

To buttress the point, one may ask which is best sent between a Save the Date and an invitation. They are both important and both should be sent. Your invitation is compulsory while the save the date is optional, but highly encouraged. In the case of a destination wedding, or having to lodge guests outside town for one-three days especially during busy travel dates or festivities, sending a Save the Date card is an expected courtesy that serves to give your guests a heads up before the actual invitation.

What is the Difference between a Save the Date and an Invitation?

Getting a bit confused with these two is often common and it’s not hard to see why. A Save the Date is an informal greeting or reveal telling someone, Hi, we’ve set a date and here where and when the wedding will be. While an invitation conveys to the guest more pertinent information regarding the wedding such as, actual location of the venues, time, choice of dinner entrée, etc.

When do you send Save the Date?

The timeline of mailing out a Save the Date is very important. It shouldn't be sent too early to the D-date nor should it come very close to the time the actual invitations are being sent out. Hence the ideal time to send a Save the Date card is approximately 4 to 6 months before the wedding while invitations are best sent 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of sending Save the Date cards?

Do not send a Save the Date card unless you’re certain the person will be on your wedding guest list. Often, couples send a Save the Date card to a guest then fail to invite them to the actual wedding, this could be an act of omission. Hence, the best way around it is to make a comprehensive list of all who you wish to invite, this list serves as a guide to penning down both the invitations and the Save the Dates.

Secondly, it’s not compulsory to make the designs. Most couples get confused on the design guidelines for a Save the Date card with respect to an invitation card. They assume the two cards must bear similar design but that’s not always the case, and no rules conform you to how they should look. A save the date is informal, so don’t worry so much about those details just yet.

Is it necessary to include a RSVP with Save the Date?

Based on experience this plan usually backfires considering Save the Dates are often sent early before most plans are concluded. In general, it is best to send out RSVP cards together with the actual invitations thus giving guests the opportunity to make credible decisions with regards to your actual plans.

What are the things to include in a Save the Date?

A Save the Date notwithstanding is a subtle invitation but it should contain some vital information to give your guests a head start on how the event is deemed to be. However, most of what is contained in the Save the Date card is on a probability basis. For instance, a Save the Date card may contain the name of a venue then on the long run, that venue may change. Figuring out the specifics of your day at this point is not required however these are some pieces of information every guest would look out for in a Save the Date card.

Can we send electronic Save the Dates?

Electronic mail invitations have revolutionized the old ways of sending invitations and Save the Dates for weddings and other forms of parties. However, the old ways are still the best, hence we stand for the good-old stationary style of sending Save the Dates and invitations. Even when you send the digital versions of your cards, always back them up with paper correspondence especially when sending to older relatives or friends who are either not so conversant with our modern methods or may wish to keep them for reference sakes.

What are the modern ideas for Save the Date cards?

Modern ideas regarding Save the Dates can mean a wide range of things, from minimalist ideas, to out of the box paper shapes, themes and fonts. In recent times, couples have found creative ways to spice up their Save the Date card game, while some opt for creative paper shapes, others find the color block, vibrant shade and geometric patterned themes more exciting. On a bigger scale, couples who want to make sure you remember they’re getting married opt to print their Save the Dates on stationeries, household objects like fridge magnets and so one. This way, you’ll constantly see a reminder of the impending wedding hanging around somewhere.

Wedding is a beautiful celebration, and even more beautiful when the planning processes are well executed, this starts as soon as you decide you want to tell people about your joyous soon to be union. Creating the perfect Save the Date card is the first start to getting family and friends into this joyous mood and we can help you get this on the right track.